We are one of Augusta’s only full service lawn companies. We feel you shouldn't have to pay 2 or 3 different people to make your lawn perfect. We offer it all. You no longer have to write separate checks.

Services include:

Lawn Care, Lawn Maintenance, Pressure Washing, Fencing, and Irrigation Repair

Fertilization and Weed Control Basic Plan:

  • Pre- emergent herbicide to prevent summer weeds from emerging and potassium based fertilizer
  • Fertilizer, 2nd application of pre-emergent herbicide to prevent crabgrass
  • Iron based fertilizer to promote deep green turf growth, insecticide to prevent chinch bugs, post- emergent herbicide if necessary*
  • Core aeration to reduce soil compaction followed by a mild application of iron based fertilizer*
  • Midsummer application of fertilizer, post- emergent herbicide if necessary, insecticide treatment for chinch bugs and fire ants
  • Final summer fertilizer treatment
  • Fall application of pre- emergent herbicide, potassium based fertilizer to aide against winter damage
  • Lime is applied based of yearly results of soil ph test**
  • Winterize is applied along with post emergent herbicide if necessary
* Iron and lime are not generally indicated in centipede turf unless otherwise specified in the results of a yearly soil test.
** Soil testing is additional. Soil samples are collected yearly and sent off to the University of Georgia Department of Agriculture for testing.

Monthly treatments are available if necessary. The above plans are general plans designed to give an idea of a good starting point. However, if we see where your lawn can benefit from additional treatments we will contact you to discuss further treatment arrangements. 

Some diseases and insects may require treatment that is not covered in the plans. Such treatments may require additional charges.

Tree and Ornamental Care:
  • Early season fertilizer to boost plants from winter dormancy
  • Early spring application of insecticide and fertilizer
  • Late spring application of insecticide and fertilizer
  • Early summer application of insecticide and fertilizer
  • Late summer application of insecticide and fertilizer
  • Fall application of fertilizer to protect plants from winter frost and dormant season
  • Winter application of horticultural oil to prevent winter insects
Certain fungal problems may require treatment with chemicals not included in the plan. Such treatments may be charged additionally.

Plant Growth Regulators: 

Tired of cutting you lawn every week or even twice a week? We have the solution... PGR's!!! Plant growth regulators are the ideal treatment for those turf areas or ornamentals that grow outrageously fast. With PGR treatments applied to your landscape you can expect to cut your lawn mowing cycles in half and your ornamentals up to once or twice yearly. Why haven't you heard of this? The answer is simple... Most yard men hate this chemical treatment because it cut's them out of work. 

We recommend PGR's on Bermuda lawns 3-5 times per summer season. 

Core aeration is recommended in all lawns at least once yearly. Major soil compaction may require numerous aerations to alleviate the soil compaction.